Carmen Cita Jones is a signature brand of unique pieces of jewelry, which are in great measure done by hand in Switzerland.


Designer and Founder

Carmen Cita Jones is derived from Carmen the designer`s first name, Cita a nickname from her childhood and Jones in dedication to her supporting husband, who she also finds to be a great source of strength as well as creative stimulation.

Carmen Müller was born in Germany and moved to Switzerland at the age of 23. Falling in love with her future husband during that period of time led to her decision to prolong her stay indefinitely and ultimately settle down.



It all began with Carmen visiting an antiques shop during one of her many trips to New York. Especially one antique necklace attracted her attention, and although it was not in an impeccable condition she immediately fell in love with the curved elegance and the sheer attention to detail of the marvelous piece.

Carmen purchased that specific necklace and returned back home to Switzerland, where she used the know-how acquired during her earlier profession as a dental technician to carefully take the necklace apart. Using the individual parts from the antique necklace together with new elements she then went ahead to fashion a real showpiece. The first Carmen Cita Jones Statement Necklace was born.


Even today the creation of every limited edition piece involves a great deal of handcraft. At the beginning there is always the love of old, the secret they bring along in their own way closely intertwined with the tale of the original owner. Then those precious pieces are paired with something contemporary for the new owner to write her own unique story.